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The Sinking of the Taj Mahal” an Exhibit by Peter Tunney 

Installed at The Faena Hotel, Miami Beach

Opens December 4, 2017

“ The only responsibility of the artist is to know the time in which he lives in.” - E.L. Doctorow

WHAT: With exclusive access to Atlantic City’s obsolete Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino, before it transforms into the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, artist Peter Tunney was granted the opportunity to hand-select and collect pieces to convert one man’s trash into another man’s treasure. The installation is composed of items including ornate chandeliers, spires, and two concrete elephants that are strategically placed/sunken in the sand on the beach in the Faena District. As the show haphazardly materialized, Tunney was inspired by the 1968 classic film, Planet of the Apes, specifically the scene where the Statue of Liberty is decayed and sinking into the sand. This scene stops you dead in your tracks and makes one wonder: what happened? The Sinking of the Taj Mahal initiates the dialogue about the elephant in the room and our society's understanding of excess, obsession, and money.

With assistance from Jingoli Construction, key elements of the casino and architecture were carefully removed and revived at a farm in New Jersey amongst barns, silos and cattle before being moved to their final destination in Miami Beach, Florida.

In addition to The Sinking of the Taj Mahal, Tunney’s gallery in Wynwood will feature Excerpts from the Taj Mahal (The Truth Always Happens), where collectors will have a chance to acquire an upcycle of history. Tunney transformed his gallery into an exhibit that is ‘Beyond Words’ using the casino carpeting, lavish chandeliers and other remnants from the defunct hotel. Collectors will have a glimpse through Tunney’s brilliant mind with stand-out pieces that showcase Tunney as an artist, in a vulnerable way that we have never seen him before. The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often go Awry, Expectations Are The Blueprints for Disappointment, and Wild Card continue to carry the theme of this year’s show comprised of over 80 pieces of work.

With gratitude to Joseph Jingoli, as this show would not be possible without him.

WHEN: December 4th, 2017

WHERE: Faena Hotel
3201 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, Florida 33140


Social Media: @PeterTunneyArt


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