Inside the Wynwood Walls

In Peter Tunney’s new Art Basel 2019 exhibition titled “REDACTED”, Tunney delivers an evolved body of work that is a clear distinction from the whimsical, lavish works that Tunney has gained notoriety for since 1987, when Tunney first declared himself an artist. Although still eccentric and unconventional, Tunney executes his nuances in a minimalistic and blunt style while staying authentic to his bold form. Expect the unexpected in this new installation, Tunney spreads his messages with a clear understanding of the time we live in. “REDACTED” is Tunney’s obsession, and his progression. Through this new show Tunney is finally finding calm within his chaos. “I have something to say, and I've found a way to say it,” explains Tunney. He continues, “It’s barely a political statement. It’s bigger than that, it’s a statement about humanity.”

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