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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Had The Same Taste In Art Long Before They Were Ever Together

Last month, there was a recent surge of interest in pieces of work by Peter Tunney that spell out words, particularly ones that were portmanteaus, such as the one mentioned in Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's Vanity Fair December cover story. "I had no idea she was doing an interview or anything like that," says Tunney, who was surprised, but obviously pleased, that the 60-foot piece spelling out “GRATTITUDƎ”- a combination of "gratitude" and "attitude" - was mentioned in the description of Lopez's new Bel Air home. "Jennifer Lopez got quite a few pieces from me," the famous artist says, although Tunney says he "never reveals what anyone exactly got from" him.

Long before J.Lo and A.Rod were "J.Rod," however, both were apparently just separate customers of Peter Tunney's. "The funny thing is, A.Rod got quite a few pieces of me," Tunney says. "We had an amazing afternoon at Le Bilboquet. I've always loved having A.Rod as a client."

While he hasn't talked to either party since they've paired up, Tunney gives them his blessing (and we can only imagine perhaps someday, an amazing wedding gift) from afar: "I love them together!"